Team Climb Asia is made up of passionate local climbers who have dedicated a large part of their lives training and seeking greater achievements in the climbing scene. Their climbing experience stretch far and wide and as such they are also actively giving back to the climbing community of Singapore by coaching.

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Lynnette Koh

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BrandS AMbassador: EvolvMoonTrango

“Nothing can beat that feeling when you’re out there at the top mesmerised by the view as you catch your breath and feel amazed at the route you have just completed.”

Lynnette started climbing in mid-2008 and her passion for the sport has only grown since then. Lynnette has always been known to be a lead climber. However she still enjoys bouldering and cranking in the gym together with the whole climbing community.

She is a member of the National Team and recently represented Singapore at the Asian Climbing Championships in 2015. Besides aspiring to be a role model for younger climbers to work towards their goals in the climbing scene, she also hopes to explore the world and climb everywhere possible.



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Brands AMbassador : OcùnMoon

“I push myself to the limits every climbing session, preparing myself to climb hard outdoors!”

Liting first started climbing at 14 when she was at Raffles Girls’ School. Thereafter, she took a 5-year break from climbing and returned to climb competitively only in 2009. Since then, she has won every local boulder competitions at least once. In 2014, she clinched 2nd place at the IFSC Oceania and Australian Bouldering Championships. Nevertheless, the true joy of climbing for her is going outdoors and climbing on the natural rock formations. Her most memorable experience yet was a bouldering trip to Bishop, USA, in 2014, where she became the first Singaporean woman to climb a V11 grade. The trips outdoors gave her a different perspective to the world of climbing. She strives to get better in the sport so that she can inspire the young climbers in Singapore to get out and climb on rocks.



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Brands AMbassador : Ocùn, METOLIUS

“The sense of your satisfaction when you finish your project. That moment when you have red-pointed that route you’ve spent so much blood, sweat and tears, only to be greeted by an amazing view at the top. Climbing for me is more than just a sport, it’s an addiction.”

Ryan started his climbing journey in 2008, what started out as an ordinary C.C.A. (co-curriculum activity) grew into something he would be pursuing for many years to come. Ryan’s primary discipline is lead climbing but he also enjoys putting other disciplines into the mix such as speed climbing and bouldering. When not competing, he travels to the outdoors to embrace all the beautiful lines Mother Nature has to offer.



We welcome the latest addition to the #teamclimbasia family: Jeanette. She has been climbing  since her primary school years. Her sister, Lynette introduced her to climbing when she was a mere 6 year old kindergarten girl. That was the spark that started it all.

The passion was further fired when she stood on her first podium of NPSSCC (National Primary Schools Sport Climbing Championships) in 2015.

Her strongest discipline is lead climbing but she really enjoy speed climbing and bouldering as well. Being the youngest in #teamclimbasia, she hopes to be able to contribute back to the climbing fraternity and she aspires to be as strong as the other athletes.