Exchange & Return

Our return & exchange policy

It’s okay if you bought something and it doesn’t fit or feel right! We all change our minds sometimes, so don’t worry.

We accept returns & exchanges if the product still has the tag on and is not worn / used / torn / damaged within 7 days from the date of purchase. i.e. Basically if we can put it back on the shelves, it’s still good for someone else to buy it.

To make an exchange, make an appointment with us and let us know your intentions. Then drop by our warehouse in Ubi to return or exchange your product. The product will need to be in its original packaging, and you’ll need to bring along your receipt.

If you bought it online, we’ll process your returned item(s) and make a full refund to your online order within 14 days.

Products that are not allowed to be exchanged or refunded:

  • Last piece, last price promotion, or on sale items.
  • Used, worn, washed, stained, altered, or damaged items.
  • Load-bearing devices, and safety equipment. These include carabiners, belay devices, harnesses, ropes and slings.