Brands We Distribute

We carry and distribute a range of International climbing, lifestyle, industrial and specialist brands. To ensure that we have all your needs covered, we’ve scoured the world to bring you a family of only the highest quality and most trusted expertise the climbing industry has to offer.


Butora [Boo-tore-ah] Korean Definition (lang. Korean) – Persistence, determination; used when telling a climber to go for it, to stick it. Since 2014 of climbing shoe manufacturing, design and industry experience, the focus at Butora is design, and quality of materials.

Modern creative climbing. Dedicated to create high friction technical rock shoes & casual footwear to help athletes reach their full potential.

Internationally renowned Italian climbing performance footwear makers. Worldwide leader in the outdoor industry for production of technical clothing and footwear for mountaineering, climbing mountain running, hiking and trekking. 

A full collection of innovative and high quality climbing equipment and climbing apparels from Czech Republic.


High quality, functional, breathable, reliable, reasonably-priced, trendy fashion that is perfect for all outdoor activities brought to you by climbing addicts.

Everyday basics, travel-ready styles, functional climbing favourites, and active-wear. Made for movement and built to last. Made sustainably with the ultimate respect for the planet and its people.


Industry-leading innovations since 6 consecutive generations ago. Family-owned & operated factory in the USA; unwavering commitment to hand-crafted manufacturing processes delivering durable, state-of-the-art products at the fairest prices.

An international specialist in manufacturing ropes and textile braids for industrial, military, marine, heavy-lifting as well as water sports, climbing, mountaineering and paragliding for over 160 years.

Perfect Descent produces superior auto-belay devices for recreation & speed climbing and is the official auto belay of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. Hand-built in the USA and backed by responsive customer service worldwide, these auto belay devices are budget-friendly with the lowest entry price and cost of ownership.


Spanish specialist in wall hardware and technical safety fittings. Driven by an unwavering commitment to safety as well as conservation. Excellent safety track record and trusted around the world.

ISO 9001 certified US specialist in climbing and rescue hardware. Broad line of products for recreational climbers and professional grade line of steel and aluminum carabiners for swift-water rescue professionals, firefighters, rope access and working at height.

Handmade caps and fiberglass semi-finished products since 1980s.  Helmets made in Italy for sports, industrial and work at height. A synonym of high quality with single goal of continuous improvement.


Reliable and trusted manufacturer of high quality, unbreakable Polyurethane climbing holds with lifetime warranty in house since 2002.

Legendary Climbing Holds. eGrips has been continuously refined, reinvented, and shared for over two decades. Each fresh block of foam inspires them to create shapes for the ultimate climbing experience.

One of the oldest, biggest and most popular brands of climbing holds across the globe. More than 3000 shapes of climbing holds and 100 models of climbing volumes and features. High quality friction, durability and anti-breakage safety feature.

Climbing holds made in-house, in a mountain town in Slovenia. With its roots of simplicity, spontaneity and honesty, the emphasis is on quality over quantity!

Handholds made with indestructible urethane formula since 1999.  Authorized handhold producer of International Federation of Sports Climbing and  sponsored by USA climbing. 


Discovery Climbing is an Australian Rock Climbing Wall Builder. We specialise in designing and building outdoor and indoor rock climbing walls and bouldering walls. Our high quality climbing walls can be installed and designed for a wide range of facilities, including gyms, schools, play centres or sport and recreation centres.

Entre-Prises, the world’s leading manufacturer of climbing walls and holds, provides support to climbing facility, school wall and competition wall projects, and much more.

Walltopia AD is a Bulgarian climbing wall and active entertainment manufacturer. Originally exclusively a climbing wall and other artificial rock surfaces manufacturer, since 2012 the company portfolio expanded into adventure park concepts and management. Walltopia is currently the largest manufacturer of artificial climbing walls in the world by volume.


Diversified Products

Climbing gear essentials designed by enthusiastic climbers. Unconventional and imaginative, but always loyal to their roots. Origins from the middle of the Alps, a heritage they carry with pride.

Wholly owned and grown locally. Trusted by the Singapore climbing community since 2003. From chalk, chalk bags, soft goods to basic handholds, we have everything you need.

Mission to make the strongest, safest, most bombproof gear in the world. Insistently exceeding established safety standards while providing highest level of performance.

Founded in 2002 by legendary professional rock climber, Ben Moon; one of the best that UK has to offer. Dedicated to developing and producing high-quality, durable climbing clothes, accessories and training equipment.

SNAP started its mark with wire-gate draws and ultra-resistant crash-pads. Continues to break away from strictly traditional visions; creating standards for new, spontaneous way of seeing climbing.

“At the Intersection of Fashion, Art and Climbing”. The greatest and leading producer of rock climbing shoes, climbing apparels, climbing holds, and climbing training products.

Committed to bring high quality performing products to the climbing world, while upholding stewardship for the planet.  From time tested classics to the cutting edge products.