About Us

Climb Asia was born in 2002, when founding members Halil, Shannon and Philip decided to give back to the sports that they love dearly. Their grit, dedication and passion culminated in a small climbing gym in a shop-house along Rangoon Road. Climb Asia became the local Mecca for sports climbing and bouldering.

After 4 years of beautiful memories  in the rustic shop-house, we relocated to the climbing centre at Tessensohn Road. It is currently managed by our climbing partner, Ground Up Climbing. It has been serving the Singapore climbing community well ever since; inducting the uninitiated into our world of climbing.

Our passion does not stop at indoor gym, it is our desire to get every climber acquainted with climbing in the nature. Our dedication brought us to uncharted territories across South-east Asia, to find more rock climbing areas for climbers around the world. The guidebooks we published are gifts to the climbers seeking adventure beyond the artificial climbing surfaces.

Join us in our mission to spread the joy of climbing. We, the climbing professionals, are serious about journeying with you. Climb On!


The Management Team


Halil captained the National Speed Climbing squad in the Singapore Climbing World Cup 2002. He has been climbing actively since 1994. Halil has had travelled far and wide, climbing some of the world’s best crags and competed against some of the world’s best climbers in the World Cup circuit. After being ranked No.1 in Singapore for 5 years and being in the top three in regional competitions, he decided to give back to the community through Climb Asia.


LIM JUNE PEIN (aka Jups)

Jups got hooked onto the climbing sports as a student. Since then, he has devoted all his time and energy in everything the sport encompasses. The scope ranges from club leaderships and event management, to coaching and competitive climbing. In this journey of sharing this lifestyle sport with everyone, he hopes to visit the world’s greatest climbing spots. He inspires others to discover for themselves; the life lessons that climbing has taught him.



Candy was introduced to the world of Sport Climbing when she joined Climb Asia in 2014. Nevertheless, she understands the fears and uncertainties experienced by someone new to the sport – she used to be afraid of climbing even a short ladder! Thanks to the encouragement and guidance of her colleagues, she now appreciates and enjoys the sport, and hopes to help more people take the first step to get over their fears and enjoy the view from the top in this addictive sport.


Accounts Manager

Mei started her journey in the outdoor industry in 1997; when she became a free-lance instructor conducting camps for primary and secondary school students. Her involvement in high elements started when she became one of the pioneer rope instructors in the NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps) Camp Resilience, Pulau Ubin in 2004. The other major stint in high rope elements, was when she became an instructor in Outward Bound Singapore in 2008. Joining Climb Asia in December 2019, was a great way returning back to the workforce after a-7-year-hiatus as a stay-at-home-mother. 


Retail Manager

Being a veteran in the climbing scene, Salfarina has done it all. She has participated in many local and international competitions, from bouldering, to lead climbing and speed climbing. In recent years, she has shifted her focus  overseas and is actively looking out for regional opportunities for climbing and adventure. Working in Climb Asia has boosted her knowledge of the retail market; keeping her in close touch with the climbing community. Sal shares her years of climbing experience by setting routes in the gym and interesting chats!


FARHANAH (aka Hanah)
Sales & Marketing Executive 

Hanah started her climbing experience in 2008. Since then, her passion for the sport grew as she ventured into bouldering and lead climbing. She participated in various competitions during her competitive years. Always curious of what goes on behind the climbing scene, she joined the Climb Asia’s Retail Team in 2016. As the climbing community expands, she hopes to share the knowledge with new climbers in embarking on the journey with the equipment that best suits them.


Operation Executive

Farid started climbing in 2009 as a high school teenager in Malaysia, inspired by his aunt. He set up high rope courses like flying fox, waterfall abseil, rope swing and other high rope activities.  His passion for climbing has brought him to Damai Wall in Malaysia, multiple climbing sites in Singapore as well as the scenic natural caves and cliffs in Krabi, Thailand. His love for climbing  is evident in the way he spend his holiday and free time as well as his occupations. He is the technical and skillful man we depend on in our office. 


HAFIZ (aka Moos)
retail & warehouse Executive

Affectionately known as Moos in the team, Hafiz was exposed to Sport Climbing in school when he joined the CCA (co-curriculum activities) during his stint in ITE (Institute of Technical Education. Moos has clocked many wall-building projects under his belt. He first started out as a free-lance wall-builder on our Projects Team, and decided to turn his long-term interest into a full-time passion in 2015. With his bubbly and cheerful persona, Hafiz adores the get-up-and-go nature of wall-building. Let’s just say he’s definitely not the behind-the-desk kind of guy. Despite the demands of the construction projects, which at times require the set-up to be done overnight or in the extreme heat of the day, Hafiz has never failed to deliver, with a smile on his face. You will also see him driving Climb Asia’s trusty “Chariot” – he’s our man behind the van.


Administrative Accounts Executive

Helen is one of our longest serving staff in Climb Asia. With years of working experience in the accounting world since 2005, she is the backbone of Climb Asia’s finances. Despite having a bachelor degree of Science in Maths from Yangon University in Myanmar, Diploma in Accounting from LCCI(UK), she continues to improve herself by pursuing the ACCA Qualification.