Update on ABDs – Feb 2017

Considering the feedback and responses regarding the implementation of the use of ABDs in June 2017, Climb Asia would like to assure everyone we are working closely with our partners to ensure that the transition process happens as smoothly as possible. We are aware of the concerns of the climbing community, and would like to address some of those topics here.

There are –

1. Inclusion of ABDs in the SNCS course syllabus

Climb Asia’s SNCS Level 1 courses have been introducing the use of ABDs since November 2016. Our SNCS Level 2 courses will also include ABDs from March 2017.

2. Rental of ABDs

The Mammut SMART will be available for rental at Climb Asia in March.
Rental will be FREE until 31 May 2017.

3. ABD workshops

The Mammut SMART and the Trango Cinch ABDs will be introduced during these sessions. Workshops will be FREE until 31 May 2017, for those who have paid entry fees for the day. These workshops are meant for the following participants:

  • SNCS Level 1 certified
  • SNCS Level 2 certified
  • Lead Tag holders

NOTE: More details of Climb Asia’s workshop schedules will be released soon. Should you wish to familiarize yourself with other ABD devices, or attend workshops that may better suit your schedule, do refer to the websites of Onsight Climbing or Climb Central for more information. 

4. Verification sessions for lead climbers

We will require all lead climbers to display a new verification tag with the use of ABDs from 1 June onwards. Verification sessions will be FREE until 31 May 2017. Schedules for the verification sessions will be provided soon.

5. Prices and offers on ABDs

We’re working with our suppliers on this, and will release details soonest possible!

We understand that changes, and acceptance of these changes, take time. Do keep your friendly feedback coming, and we will review our processes where necessary! 

Yours Sincerely, 
Team Climb Asia